Will therapy be expensive?

How many times have you gone to physical therapy looking for help with an injury only to feel like you’re not getting what you paid for?  Your initial evaluation went well with an idea of what is wrong and a plan follows that sounds effective and will return you to activity in no time.  However, a few weeks later, you’re doing the same exercises you were doing at the first treatment and it seems like no one acknowledges your presence while you’re there.  In the end, some people will get better, but some people leave without improvement, in their mind saying, “Therapy doesn’t work” or “Did I really just pay for this?”
Why pay cash?

Cash Pay vs Insurance

Come see us directly without having to see a physician first. Not all insurance plans allow direct access.  Some will require a referral and even further some will specify which therapy clinic you can visit.
No worrying about checking insurance eligibility and what’s covered or not. Each insurance plan has copays or coinsurance along with deductibles.  Some insurance companies treat Physical Therapy as a specialist adding extra out of pocket cost to the patient.  
Allow a Doctor of Physical Therapy to evaluate and then address the problem with scientific and evidence-based treatments that work.  You will receive treatment based specifically on your injury, not just general exercises that don’t directly address your issues. Insurance companies can put restrictions on a therapy clinic’s plan of care based on what they feel is appropriate not based on what the Therapist has prescribed.
Get better faster!  4-6 visits at our clinic and following your specialized home program will allow you to return to the activities you love. Compare this to the national average number of visits per injury is 11. With copays and coinsurance, more visits means more money out of pocket for the patient.  
Spend less time away from work or home.  
You will see a Doctor of Physical Therapy on every visit. Every year insurance companies raise premiums for the patient and decrease the amount paid to medical professionals. With that decrease, physical therapy clinics try to bring in more patients per hour.  As a result, less time is spent with the Doctor of Physical Therapy.