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Take a personalized approach to physical therapy.

Why choose Restore as your Rehab Experts?

Exemplary Services

Customized physical therapy treatment to help each patient reach their goals.  With a hands on approach, patients will be a part of their own recovery.  Rehabilitation programs for runners, golfers, CrossFit athletes, and middle/high school athletes that include learning your deficiencies to prevent future injury.

Knowledgeable Staff

Dr. Stephen Peaden has spent over 16 years in outpatient clinics focusing on orthopedic injuries and rehab.

Effective Care

Restore believes that hands on treatment is the key to quick recovery.  Each patient is unique and therapy visits will be tailored to the individual.  We strive to provided one on one care.

We Believe.

We can improve quality of life with the best plan of care for you.

We listen to you about your injury

We focus on a hands on, one-on-one approach

Goal setting and motivation to get back to living

We care and take great pride in your rehabilitaion

It’s time to book your physical therapy appointment

Don’t sleep one more night with neck pain.  Stop the back pain you feel after being at work all day.  Get back to training for that 5K.  Help your recovery from surgery.  However you hurt, let Restore Physical Therapy help.  Contact us today.

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